The Flux team can be contacted in several ways. Which one you should choose depends on the circumstances:

Mailing list
Good for general questions that might be of interest to the public, or if you're not sure who would be the right person to mail. In most cases, using the mailing list is the right thing.

Hans Petter Jansson, maintainer -
Want to get really down and technical, want to join the development team, or simply looking to meet other evil geniuses like yourself? Hans Petter is the right guy. But, if you're not really sure he's who you should talk to, use the mailing list instead.

Joakim Ziegler, licensing and miscellany -
Have a question about licensing of Flux, whether or not there are high-level language bindings in the works, or concerning the webpages, Joakim is the right person to talk to. He's always happy to dispel myths about the GNU GPL, too. If uncertain, though, use the mailing list.


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